Divide it into two triangle ABC and ADC. Construct the quadrilateral TRUE in which TR = 3.5 cm, RU = 3 cm, UE = 4 cm, ∠R = 75° and ∠U =120°. With centre at A and radius = 7 cm, draw an arc.III. (i) Steps of construction:I. This cuts BX at A. Join CA Step 5 : With C and A as centres, draw arcs of radii 5 cm and 4.5 cm … Height (distance between parallel line) if We draw perpendicular from shorter side on Longer side. To draw a trapezium here we should gwt to know the . Draw a line segments AB = 4.5 cm.II. maths-constructions.

Given:AB = 6 cm, BC = 4 cm, CD = 5 cm, DA = 4.5 cm ABC = 100o .Steps for constructionStep 1 : Draw a rough diagram and mark the given measurments.Step 2 : Draw a line segment BC = 4 cm.Step 3 : At B on BC make CBX whose measure is 100o .Step 4 : With B as centre and radius 6 cm draw an arc. we will form one ractangle 4 * 4. an two triangles with height h & sides x & 2-x

Step 1: Draw a line segment RU of 3 cm and an angle of 120º at point U. A trapezium is a type of a quadrilateral in which a pair of opposite sides is parallel. Construct a trapezium abcd ab parallel to cd where ab 6 cm d 4 cm angle a 70degree angle abd 30 degree. Solution Construct a Trapezium Abcd, When: Ab = Cd = 3.2 Cm, Bc = 6.0 Cm, Ad = 4.4 Cm and Ad // Bc. Construct a quadrilateral ABCD; if: AB = 8 cm, BC = 5.4 cm, AD = 6 cm, ∠A = 60° and ∠B = 75°. To draw the trapezium follow the follwing steps: (1) Draw a line segment CD = 8.5 cm (2) On line CD, cut-off CE = 2 cm (3) With C as centre and radius 3.5 cm and with E as centre and radius 3.5 cm, draw two areas to cut each other at point B.
In a trapezium ABCD, AB and DC are parallel sides and AB=4.5cm, BC=5cm, CD=7.5cm and AD=6cm. Construct a rhombus ABCD in which AB= 6 cm and angle ABC= 60degree. How can I find m∠BCX and BD? With centre at B and radius = 5.5 cm, draw another arc to intersect the previous arc at C.IV.
A quadrilateral is a simple closed figure bounded by four sides. Note: Before making a fair construction for the above quadrilateral, a rough sketch must be drawn and the given measurements be marked. Construction of a quadrilateral whose sides and a diagonal are given.

Draw diagonal AC of length 7 cm 2.

How can I draw BX // AD to cut CD at X? As vertex E is 4 cm away from vertex U, cut a line segment UE of 4 cm from this ray. Taking 4.5 cm as radius, and A as center, draw an arc on top of AC 3. AB = 4.5 cm BC = 5.5 cm CD = 4 cm AD = 6 cm AC = 7 cm First we draw a rough sketch Let’s construct it Steps of construction 1. Concept: Construction of Trapezium. Taking 5.5 cm …

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