Add it here! RRBs plays a pivotal role in the economic development of the rural India. Transfers are limited to state Borders.

Regional rural banks have many advantages, that includefriendlier services, better rates, fewer fees, and easy access. Features of the Regional Rural Banks in India!

3) To reduce regional imbalances and increase rural employment generation activities. Where rural banking is healthy it provides important access to financial services for both businesses and private citizens. 5/12/16 Economics Reference this Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. You can view samples of our professional work here. At the end of March 1994, they numbered 196, with about 14,500 branches covering 408 districts. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. In any RRB you wont have a threat to be posted in other state. Regional Rural Banks In Indian Development And Growth Economics Essay. Majority of the population in rural India do not have banking facilities and still don't have a bank account. However they have don't have the … RRB’s follow all the guidelines under Banking Negotiable Instrument Act. The main goal of establishing regional rural banks in India was to provide credit to the rural people who are not economically strong enough, especially the small and marginal farmers, artisans, agricultural labours, and … This superiority of RRBs has been brought out by the share of deposits contributed by these branch offices of RRBs in different states. Sponsored bank holds 50% control over the bank’s share and is responsible for running of the bank.

The Objectives of Regional Rural Banks: 1) Bridging the credit gaps in rural areas. Smartyyogi45 Ace; A Rural Bank is actually just a normal bank but one that caters to the needs of the rural public in India's villages. Regional Rural Banks were conceived as low cost institutions having a rural ethos, local feel and pro poor focus. The development process of RRBs started with the promulgation of an Ordinance promulgated on 26th September 1975 (which later on was replaced with Regional Rural Bank Act, 1976) with an objective to ensure sufficient institutional credit for agriculture and other rural sectors. These rural banks provide banking services to the rural citizens and help them save money effectively . Rural banks are dwindling throughout most of the United States, due to declining local populations, consolidation in the industry and a number of other factors. Rural banks have advantages such as community ties and market specialization. Discussion over perks are underway in different banks, and in a few years perks will be similar to nationalized banks. Disadvantages include fewer offerings and a lack of nationalavailability. 2613 words (10 pages) Essay in Economics.

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