If you know the best way of how to keep bugs from eating my vegetable garden then you’ll become a successful gardener and you’ll be an owner of a beautiful garden. Grow in Raised Beds. You can then try sprinkling cat repellent in the area and hope that it works or consider laying chicken wire down on top of your soil. Dog, Cat & Bird. These pesky rodents hate the smell of this homemade raccoon repellent.

1. 7 Ways to Keep Animals Out of the Garden . Whether you’re dealing with outdoor cats, stray cats, feral cats, or even your own cats who like to stray where they shouldn’t, there are a lot of ways to keep cats out of yard and garden.

One of the biggest threats to any garden is unwanted animal visitors looking for a snack. It is a war of attrition, and squirrel killers generally run out of ammo before squirrels run out of squirrels. Here are seven ways you can keep the animals — and their appetites — at bay. But first, let’s talk about the methods to avoid. Alternatively, construct or buy a mesh cover for your plants that will keep pests away but still let in light. Killing squirrels that ransack your garden — while providing deep satisfaction to some uber-serious gardeners who have "tipped over the edge" — doesn't keep squirrels out. I’m not sure how accurate this is, however my research on how to keep animals out of the garden suggest that a fairly high (12 inch or so) raised bed will keep some animals from going in your garden. According to what I read, small animals prefer not to leave ‘ground level’ and will not hop up into a raised bed garden.

Cat Deterrents to Avoid. By Kathy LaLiberte What are nature-loving, generally peaceful gardeners to do when voles, woodchucks, squirrels, gophers, rabbits, moles, and other furry little mammals wreak havoc in our gardens? The Vole is a good example.

How to Keep Insects and Animals Out of Your Garden Put a stop to it for good with these all-natural ways to get rid of ants, aphids, slugs, cats, racoons, deer, and every other pest that's destroying your garden. Cayenne pepper is one of the natural raccoon deterrents and a great way to repel critters and pests. Voles.

To keep animals out of your vegetable garden, apply a spray that’s designed to deter animals, such as coyote urine spray, around the edges of your garden. "Put up a fence from day one to prevent them from finding the food source in the first place," says David Drake, extension wildlife specialist and professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. They don’t belong in your garden or your closet. Natural Spray to Keep Animals Away From Vegetable Plants. You can also include plants in your garden that most animals don’t like, such as boxwood, marigolds, or daffodils. It makes it an effective ingredient then, in homemade animal repellent sprays. Squirrels are a constant source of frustration for any vegetable gardener and I, for one, am always looking for new, and natural, ways for keeping squirrels out of my garden. Brush rabbits, cottontails and jackrabbits can all be serious pests in your yard. Squirrel Truth No. By Anna Torres Leave a Comment This post may contain affiliate links* 219. There are several natural ways to keep cats out of your garden. $ 12.95 Read more. 11 Easy Ways to Keep Animals Out Of Your Garden.

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