View fullsize. I would assume that a Sheraton, due to its laminated construction, would also be without a scarf joint. I have this Epiphone Dot that fell from it's stand once, neck broke neatly following the scarf joint. Step 3 – Plane Down The Headstock: Plane down the headstock piece to the desired thickness and sand smooth. As I recall, my nephew’s first guitar (a Christmas gift) failed at the scarf joint. Regardless of the methods used to build guitar neck's breaks occur. After completing initial damage removal, the area around the repair must be prepared. I'm of the opinion that scarf joints on Modern guitars is a cost consideration. From this single blank of wood I will cut and make the scarf joint for the headstock and I will also cut and assemble the blocks for the heel. : The Vintage G-400 was one of the few guitars to have a one-piece neck with no scarf joint. Unless it's a scarf joint placed as above .. headstock to neck , Mahogany or Cedar type necks - Historic strategy to ward off broken Headstocks from impacts .. Then, a luthier fixed it and all was fine. I’ve owned a few scarf jointed guitars that were just fine. An offcut of side material works well. It will be a scarf joint after the repair is done though. Posts about repair scarf joint written by Alexander Mylavarapu | Luthier M.D. A more certain solution is to forget about making a one-piece neck (which is actually incredibly wasteful anyway). But instead of using the more typical straight cut, they chose a subtle S-shaped cut. The corners of the repair hole must be rounded off and the hole itself should be tapered to provide the best load transfer when the repair patch is bonded in. Joined Feb 4, 2009 Messages 326 Reaction score 0. Taylor subsequently changed to a scarf joint—an angled cut in the neck. Jun 4, 2020 - Have a longer span than one timber will cover?. With the neck perfectly centered in the fixture, I use our Festool plunge router to cut spline channels into the neck that extend from just beyond the edge of the scarf joint all the way past the break in the headstock. The Taylor guitar neck is built from a continuous piece of wood that supports the ebony fretboard all the way up to the 19th fret. A bolted neck can be removed easily for repair. Osteomyelitis Potential causes include: Align the assembly against a straightedge and apply strips of masking tape to keep the joint shut. Sometimes the scarf joint is in the headstock. It has a crack in the neck, almost looks like a scarf joint in shape. It was super strong, but due to staining differences, the crown shape that resulted was noticeable and odd. If the multi lam is thick enough to get the full length of the peg head out of then it is rather pointless to cut it for a scarf joint.

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