To keep ear itch at bay, try the following: How to Prevent Dog … So we were 'upgraded' to something stronger. I looked into her ears and her right one smelled funky. This is more so where the scratching is not severe. 5 Home remedies For Your Dog's Ear Infection - Home Remedy Centre . The cause of itchy dog-ears may not be obvious because the open nature of their ears may harbor different foreign bodies. ... Sign up for the Dogs Naturally Newsletter and get over 200 FREE Health Plans and Guides in 2020. According to the website "Dog Health," redness and discharge are symptoms of ear infection. Foreign bodies. Other indications of an ear infection are: rubbing his head on furniture, rubbing his head on the ground, scratching the ear all the time. What to do: You can prepare herbal ear cleaner by mixing ½ teaspoon eucalyptus oil, 1 teaspoon tea tree oil, ½ oz olive oil and 1 oz margosa oil. Sometimes things that don’t belong end up in ears. Ear infections could also contribute to ear shaking. If you notice him whimpering, scratching at his ears or shaking his head incessantly, or if you see a foul discharge coming from his ears, your dog most likely has an infection. Ear infections are a common occurrence for dogs. I am a passionate dog lover with three of my own and love sharing home remedies with other pet owners so they too, can give the best of safe and natural health to their dog’s. Bacterial infections can also appear. Share. It also looks very inflamed.

Itchy Dog Ears Remedies. To administer the right remedy though, you need to examine your dog and decipher what the cause of the itch is. Otomax is an effective combination steroid, antibacterial, and antifungal ointment used to treat acute and chronic ear infections.

I cleaned it out with a cotton pad moistened with 1:1 ratio of warm distilled water and vinegar. His ears looked red and inflamed. If your dog is shaking his head repeatedly and the behavior does not stop over the course of a day or so, it’s time to make an appointment with your veterinarian. When a dog with itchy ears keeps shaking his head, it could indicate a foreign body in the ear. Before using any home remedy, douse the infected ear with warm water, in order to eliminate irritants.

The home remedies listed below often effectively treat ear infections, without the side effects of prescription medications. Symptoms of Dog Ear Infection. The symptoms displayed by such habits are a direct indication of foreign bodies invading the dog’s ear. If your dog suffers from lots of ear infections and has any of the other symptoms (head shaking, tiling head to side, constant scratching or bad odor) then he may have a skin allergy.

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