The creature is bizarrely riding a tiny bike, pictured Credit: Storyful via Jasa Supanji 5 Some users suggested they could see the chain around the monkey's neck as it … According to News 18 , the monkey on a miniature bike approaches the bench where 3 kids were sitting.

Honda Unveils The 2019 Monkey. The monkey then got rid of the bike, and dragged the toddler for some distance.

A Monkey Riding A Bike Tries Kidnapping A Baby Sitting On Bench. Woah: Monkey riding a bike tries kidnapping a baby girl. Pitbull kills goat in front of bystanders in Vietnam who failed to stop it. In the clip, a monkey riding a bike grabs a baby and drags her down the alley. BIKE RIDING MONKEY TRIES KIDNAPPING – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, there are still some insane things being captured and posted online.. However, many also pointed out the leash tied around the monkey's neck. Watch: Monkey on a bike grabs toddler, drags her along the road; Watch: Monkey on a bike grabs toddler, drags her along the road Since being shared online, the video has gone viral on several social media platforms and prompted angry reactions online.

Footage of the incident, which has been dubbed a 'kidnapping attempt' online, shows the toddler sitting on a bench when the monkey appears riding his bike at full speed. Fast-forward to the present, and we’re introducing an all-new 2019 Honda Monkey.

Recently, a peculiar video was posted on social media sites such as Reddit of a monkey riding a bike. The frame and engine are from Honda's … A video of a monkey riding a bike and trying to grab a toddler has gone all kinds of viral on social media. Latest. Somebody Taught This Monkey To Ride A Bike And We're Pretty Sure This Is How 'Planet Of The Apes' Begins 14 diggs Animals Video. Honda produced the very first Monkey Bike back in 1967 and the new model carries on the ethos of the original. A terrifying incident was caught on camera in Indonesia this week when a trained monkey riding a tiny bike suddenly latched onto a toddler and dragged them several metres down the street. Monkey's 'kidnap' attempt on mini bike Bizarre footage out of Indonesia has emerged online that shows a monkey appearing to attempt to kidnap a small child ... whilst riding a miniature motorcycle. A Honda Grom-based retro that we already love, the Monkey Bike is back! Dog gets eaten by alligator while swimming in Brazil river.

By Ari Henning. A stunt monkey riding a tiny bicycle in Indonesia suddenly turned on a toddler watching the performance, dragging the child across the cobblestones in … It may look retro, but the new Monkey is built for today’s riders. Hold on to your bananas. 2019 Monkey OVERVIEW - Honda The original Monkey was a 1960’s hit, and it’s easy to see why. News.

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